If you have a venture that needs instant, quality traffic, connect with one of our account representatives as soon as possible. At Clicks, we provide solutions for all advertisers across any channel or niche and enjoy the opportunity to work with offers outside of the industry norm. Our extensive internal resources coupled with our vast publisher connections allow us the ability to bring instant exposure to any product or offer we deem viable.

The Clicks network also provides access to an exclusive platform which allows advertisers the ability to define and refine their search keywords with far more control and analytics than is offered from any other publicly accessible ad networks. This self-serve platform allows any Clicks Advertiser to easily have control regarding creating and monitoring their campaigns. was founded by a team of internet marketing veterans who throughout the years have specialized in mailing and large scale media buys. Our goal has always been to create a professional and courteous ad network with a strong emphasis on communication and quality. At Clicks, you can always expect a timely and comprehensive reply to any inquiry. Another facet of our company is our dedication to quality. We only maintain and promote the top offers throughout the Industry, with the majority being our own exclusive offers.

At Clicks, we understand the frustration that comes when working with a network who takes ages to move forward, so we make it our policy to actively engage all of our publishers to ensure everything is running smoothly and any requests are being speedily pushed along. This leads to quick response times on new and featured offers across the network.

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